Padeo works with Netlify using their "Snippet Injection" tool, which allows you to easily inject JavaScript snippets into all pages of your website. This tutorial covers adding the Padeo snippet through the Snippet Injection User Interface. Developers can alternatively use the Netlify API to add the Padeo snippet.

Adding the Padeo script to Netlify

Login and copy the Padeo script from the Padeo dashboard.
From the Netlify homepage, go to the Sites tab.
Choose your website from the list that you'd like to add Padeo to, then click the Site Settings button.
In Site Settings, go to Build & Deploy > Post processing. Find the Snippet Injection section and select Add Snippet.
Choose Insert before </head> in the dropdown menu.
Name the snippet, this name can be anything you want such as "Padeo Pixel". Then paste the Padeo code in the textbox.
Padeo begins to work instantly. Be sure to reload your website and empty your browser cache after setting up Padeo to ensure that you experience the same fast experience that your customers will benefit from thanks to Predictive Preloading from Padeo.

Get Assistance

If you experience any issues in setting up Padeo on your Netlify site, please send an email to [email protected]. Thank you for using Padeo.