Google Tag Manager


Tags are segments of code provided by analytics, marketing, and support vendors to help you integrate their products into your websites or mobile apps. With a tag manager, you no longer need to manually add these tags directory to your projects.
To install Padeo using Google Tag Manager you'll need to setup and install Google Tag Manager for your website if you haven't already done so. You don't have to use Google Tag Manager, any tag manager system works with Padeo.

Adding Padeo as a Tag

The steps below for installing Padeo are specifically for Google Tag Manger, but the process should be similar regardless of which tag manager you're using. This process assumes that your tag manager system is already setup and ready to add tags, see this link for Google Tag Manager setup instructions.
1. Login and copy your Padeo script from the Padeo dashboard.
2. On Google Tag Manager, click Tags > New
3. Click Tag Configuration and select Custom HTML
4. Paste the Padeo script into the HTML field and save it. You're finished!
Padeo begins to work instantly. Be sure to reload your website and empty your browser cache after setting up Padeo to ensure that you experience the same fast experience that your customers will benefit from thanks to Predictive Preloading from Padeo.

Get Assistance

If you experience any issues in setting up Padeo using Google Tag Manager please do not hesitate to send us an email at [email protected].Thank you for using Padeo.