Technical Info

If you don't need the technical explanation, move on to the steps below. When you add the Padeo script (or any JavaScript) to a BigCommerce theme, you need to place the script in the assets/js/ folder, so that Stencil will automatically bundle and minify your JavaScript modules. For more information, reference the BigCommerce documentation for Adding Javascript to Your Stencil Theme.

Step by Step

1. Copy the Padeo script from the Padeo dashboard.
2. Create a subdirectory (folder) within assets/js/ named Padeo.
3. Create a new file named padeo.js
4. Paste the Padeo script into padeo.js, and save the file. You're finished!
Padeo begins to work instantly. Be sure to reload your website and empty your browser cache after setting up Padeo to ensure that you experience the same fast experience that your customers will benefit from thanks to Predictive Preloading from Padeo.

Get Assistance

If you experience any issues in setting up Padeo on your BigCommerce site, please do not hesitate to email us at [email protected]. Thank you for using Padeo.